Double Hook Folder


The most ideal way of filing where Double Hook Folder may be used for loose leaf files and punched files. This folder can be equipped with the characteristic yellow SpectrumClip attachment mechanism, which allows you to easily thumb through documents like a book. You can make copies of the documents without having to remove them from the file. The SpectrumClip won’t make the file bulky, and the special clamping device prevents the contents from sagging. The SpectrumFolder with SpectrumClip is ideal for files that require frequent insertion and removal of documents, such as when filing alphabetically or by document type.


Prod. NoDescription
 0022011011  Double Hook Folder-A4
 0022011013  Double Hook Folder-F4

Single Hook Folder


The folder with single SpectrumHook and SpectrumClip.
This file is also equipped with a pocket compartment for loose documents.


Prod. NoDescription
0012011041 Single Hook Folder-A4
0012011043 Single Hook Folder-F4

Shelf Folder


If you don’t have the rail for SpectrumHook, the Shelf Folder is the best solution for your files. That is without SpectrumHook, but still use SpectrumClip.


Prod. NoDescription
0003011011 Shelf Folder-A4
0003011013 Shelf Folder-F4

PP Folder


We also use polypropylene material for our product.


Prod. NoDescription
0032025011 PP Folder-A4
0032025013 PP Folder-F4

Bulk File


We have the other product from polypropylene. The name of product is the BulkFile.We have 3 types for the BulkFile. There are 30 mm, 50 mm, and 75 mm.


Prod. NoDescription
0042037105 Bulk File-30mm
0052037106 Bulk File-50mm
0062037107 Bulk File-75mm

Customized Folder


Any folder that requires custom made is also available!


Prod. NoDescription
0000000000 Customized Folder

Table Stand


Support to your files on the office table


Prod. NoDescription
01-TS Table Stand

Box File


Storage options for long-term filing should be user fiendly, efficiently and accessible. After all, space in old archives is valuable and should therefore be used effiently. It is exceptionally strong. The score marks in the box file are virtually guaranteed to never break, even after frequent use. And the documents stored in the Box File will remain absolutely dust-free.


Prod. NoDescription
BFSTD-01 Box File

Rail Kit


The Rail Kit is a conversion that is designed for use with just about any existing cabinet or rack. The kits are available for wooden as well as metal furniture. The Spectrum Rail is designed for use with files up to the folio format and up to 1200mm in length. The interior depth of the cabinet does not have to be greater than the width of the file. The Rail Kit can be fitted into virtually any cabinet or rack. The assembly itself is as easy as putting in a shelf. The Rail support replaces the shelf support and the Rail is supplied in any desired length. The Rail Kit lets you put together an efficient Jalema filing system quickly and at little cost.


Prod. NoDescription
RKSTD-01 Rail Kit

Wire Divider


Wire Divider is a accessories complement for your file storage needs on your handcrank and rack as limiting folder. Wire divider is made of iron wire and can be used on SpectrumMobile and SpectrumRack.


Prod. NoDescription
WD-75 Wire Divider 750mm X 390mm
WD-90 Wire Divider 900mm X 390mm
WD-105 Wire Divider 1050mm X 390mm
WD-120 Wire Divider 1200mm X 390mm

Plastic Divider


Plastic Divider is a accessories complement for your file storage needs on your SpectrumMobile and SpectrumRack as limiting folder. Moveable support for Shelf folder on the shelf. Plastic divider is made of Plastic and can be used on SpectrumMobile and SpectrumRack.


Prod. NoDescription
PD-9040 Plastic Divider