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The SpectrumMobile is the ideal archive and filing solution for hospitals, government institutes, museums, conference halls, exhibition centers, wholesalers, retailers and other organisations with a higher than average requirement for storage, warehouse or filing space.

The system can be used for storing a wide variety of different items and can be fully customized to meet individuals requirements. It is an efficient space-saver for offices, schools and libraries, clinics, laboratories and doctors'offices, studios and any other organisations that need to win back valuable square meters of floor area. The use of the SpectrumMobile is not restricted to gaining space in filing documents.

Warehouse, workshops and factories can also benefit from this cost-effective filing system. Sliding door and panels (back or side panel) are available for enclosure of the SpectrumMobile system along with the aisle lock (suitable for an application where some files need to be kept confidential).

The SpectrumMobile is a mobile rack system with which you can achieve amazing gains in space in offices and archives. This means more filing capacity using the same floor area, or more room to create, for example, additional work stations.

View SpectrumMobile Products :
  1. Handcrank
  2. Handpush


This storage system can expand over the time as your storage capacity may demand in the future.


  • Economical storage solution for office and small parts storage system.
  • Adjustable at every 30mm pitch that creates space saving solution.
  • Standard load capacity of each shelf is 70 kg and up to 100 kg.
  • Extendable to multistorey shelving.
  • Quality finishing of all components.
  • Selection of shelving load.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Wide range of accessories to suit your needs. 


View SpectrumRack Products :
  1. SpectrumRack
  2. SpectrumLibrary


SpectrumCupboard is a cost-effective solution for office and parts storage system, With the selection of sliding door and double swing door with locks, you will be able to control the accessibility of the contents in it. View SpectrumCupboard Products :
  1. Tambour Door
  2. Swing Door


We have SpectrumLocker from 1 door until to 6 doors.

Variety of accessories such as clothes hangers, additional shelves, etc. Available with foot, plinth, and hanger. 

View SpectrumLocker Products :
  1. 1 Door
  2. 2 Doors
  3. 3 Doors
  4. 4 Doors
  5. 5 Doors
  6. 6 Doors

SpectrumRail Kit

The SpectrumRail Kit is a conversion that is designed for use with just about any existing cabinet or rack. The kits are available for wooden as well as metal furniture. The SpectrumRail Kit is designed for use with files up to the folio format and up to 1200mm in length. The interior depth of the cabinet does not have to be greater than the width of the file. The SpectrumRail Kit can be fitted into virtually any cabinet or rack.  View SpectrumRail Kit Products :
  1. SpectrumRail-Kit


SpectrumTrolley stands out thanks to its practically, exceptional ease of use and contemporary styling. The trolleys are available in two widths and heights, each using a universal hole pattern, thereby allowing for maximum versatility.  View SpectrumTrolley Products :
  1. Trolley