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SpectrumFolder meets all your filing needs: thin or thick, attached or loose-leaf, dynamic or static archive, the option to include inner files and suitability for holding any kind of document. SpectrumFolder is made of 285 gram acid-free manila board, with buff colour. The edge where users grab hold of the file is double-folded and therefore twice as strong.

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  1. Double Hook Folder
  2. Single Hook Folder
  3. Shelf Folder
  4. PP Folder
  5. Bulk File
  6. Customized Folder
  7. Table Stand
  8. Box File
  9. Rail Kit
  10. Wire Divider
  11. Plastic Divider


The SpectrumClip is a flexible attachment mechanism that has become an unparalled success thanks to its high-quality characteristics. The SpectrumClip is ideal for bounding all sizes and typer of documents and has been cleverly constructed to allow documents to be inserted or removed in a matter of seconds and without damaging the documents


The advantages of the SpectrumClip :

  1. Documents can be inserted and removed in a matter of seconds thanks to the clever construction of the clip.
  2. Will not tear perforation holes due to the flexible tube.
  3. Contents can be leafed through like a book.
  4. All documents remain readable at all times.
  5. Suitable for all standard perforation holes.
  6. Documents can be copied without being removed.
  7. Won't make the file bulky.
  8. Lead and cadmium-free.

How to use the SpectrumClip :

How to use the SpectrumClip

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  1. SpectrumClip
  2. SpectrumClip Sticky
  3. SpectrumClip for Retail
  4. SpectrumClip Stickup for Retail


The SpectrumCode is a colour coding method that can be adapted to comply with your own coding system. You determine the meaning of each colour, designating different colours for the day, month, year, client number, postal code, accounts receivable number, job number or even a combination of all of these.


The advantages of the SpectrumCode :

  1. Colour coding results in 40% less searching time
  2. You can use your own coding method
  3. Folder can be optionally delivered pre-labelled
  4. Any combination of number, letters, logos, texts, barcodes and dates is possible.
  5. No missfiling
View SpectrumCode Products :
  1. SpectrumCode Tabs


SpectrumE-Coding is a sophisticated software programme for designing and printing your own professional colour-coding labels for use folders, videotapes, CDROMs, book, albums, magazines, or anything you want to file in a well-organised manner. 

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  1. SpectrumE-Coding